Review: The Breach by Patrick Lee

The Breach is a fast-paced thriller, a firehose of plot unburdened with character development. A lone hiker in Alaska comes across a downed airliner with the dead bodies of the American First Lady and several others, along with an empty box that suggests a strange missing item.

The hiker (a cop with a dark past) and the young woman he rescues become embroiled in a massive government secret and are pursued by all manner of foes. We learn that the Breach is a rip in spacetime that occasionally pops out objects of wildly advanced technology.

While the characters are stock and attempts to give them real human dimension are borderline embarrassing, the story moves so fast and unpredictably, with so many fun reveals, that The Breach is a fun, breathless read. I’m definitely checking out the sequel, Ghost Country.

Recommendation: Get it at the library. This is a great book to read on a lazy Sunday, but not quite good enough to take up permanent bookshelf space.

One thought on “Review: The Breach by Patrick Lee

  1. I read the whole trilogy, which was entertaining, but the big “reveal” was so disappointing and stupid that I felt cheated.

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