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Review: Heaven’s River by Dennis E. Taylor

Heaven’s River is the fourth book of the excellent Bobiverse series, and instead of cruising along well-worn narrative paths, author Dennis E. Taylor expands his universe and characters in unexpected and interesting ways.

The book clocks in at 600 pages, but it maintains a fast, page-turning pace the whole way through.

Bob-1 attempts to rescue a lost friend while exploring a mysterious alien megastructure and interacting with aliens, but also has to contend with the growing possibility of civil war within the Bobiverse itself.

If you don’t know what the Bobiverse is, I recommend reading the first book of the series, We Are Legion (We Are Bob). It’s fantastic.

Recommendation: Read it! I had a great time with this book. However, newcomers to the series might want to start with the first book.

Review: Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Shards of Earth hits everything I love about space opera. Great characters, a grand scale, interesting technology, aliens that are actually alien, Big Mysterious Things, and general fast-paced awesomeness.

The Architects are moon-sized aliens that, inexplicably and unstoppably, tear inhabited planets apart and turn them into flower-like structures, killing everything on the planet. This has already happened to Earth. However, a ragtag group of scavengers stumbles upon a floating, wrecked spaceship that may have an answer to stopping the Architects. If they can survive long enough to attempt to stop them, that is.

Recommendation: Read it, if space opera is your thing. Author Adrian Tchaikovsky is fantastic.

Review: The Freeze-Frame Revolution by Peter Watts

A ship, powered by a tame black hole, is on a multi-million year mission to place wormholes throughout the galaxy, allowing humans to travel interstellar distances. The people on this ship are awoken by an AI for a couple days every ten thousand years or so to create these wormholes.

The people on board the ship discover something’s not right. But how do you solve anything when you’re in cryosleep for thousands of years at a stretch?
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