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  1. Looking for a short story about a man seeking immortality. He Meets an Alien who is also seeking immortality and they discuss there mutual quest. The “punch line” of the story is that the alien is already 60,000 years old.

    I think the Author was either A. C. Clarke or Asimov but I am not sure.

  2. Hello, I read a book years ago and am trying to find it again.
    Here is the premise…

    Earth was starting to settle and explore far space.
    A species finds us and in no time almost eradicates us except for some far-flung pockets of survivors.
    The species takes over Earth and every place we have been.

    Over millennia the remaining humans breed a super species of earthlings (star kings?) who become so powerful they fight with the aliens and destroy them all.

    We then find out all this was planned by a far superior species who was fighting a war, that has been going on for many thousands of years and arranged all this, to develop a species of warriors to help them fight their war on the far side of the universe.

    I thought the first chapter started with “the star kings are gone” and then went into the story above.

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