Review: Zoey Is Too Drunk for This Dystopia by Jason Pargin

Author Jason Pargin has made a career out of hilarious and fast-moving books with surprisingly intelligent and thoughtful things to say, despite all the jokes and blood. His latest, Zoey Is Too Drunk for This Dystopia, continues this happy trend.

This is the third book in the Zoey Ashe series. The books are near-future dystopian crime-ish romps about Zoey Ashe, a low-ambition but very clever and mouthy young woman who inherits a massive fortune from a ruthless crime lord, who was apparently her father. Despite the hopes of all around her, money does not change Zoey.

In this book, Zoey and millions of others are shocked by the live broadcast of a horrific crime. Looking closer, it appears to be a hoax, but the maybe-fake tragedy brings out a number of tricksters, power players, and high-tech liars to capitalize on the crime and, of course, blame Zoey for everything.

Recommendation: Read it, but I’d start with the first Zoey Ashe book, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits.

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