Review: Truth of the Divine by Lindsay Ellis

Despite its title, Truth of the Divine is not a religious text, but a fun, fast-paced, clever science fiction adventure. It’s the second book in the Noumena (also not a great title) series. The first is Axiom’s End, and you should read it first.

In this alternate-history first-contact yarn, the government continues to be run by jerks, and the one person the aliens are talking to is a snarky, blue-haired young woman, and all the guys in charge HATE that. Of course, the aliens have their own Alien Issues to deal with, but those are now spilling over to affect the rest of humanity, and all indications are that everything is going to get worse.

Recommendation: Read it, if you’ve already read the first one. Author Lindsay Ellis rose from the ashes of being cancelled to become a bestselling writer. Kudos and a huzzah!

3 thoughts on “Review: Truth of the Divine by Lindsay Ellis

  1. I very much enjoyed this book, as I did with Axiom’s End. It’s imaginative and different and gets you inside the personal psychology of the protagonist in a very interesting way. I was inspired by it to write a song, based on one of the relationships in the book, for my next release.

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