Review: Titanium Noir by Nick Harkaway

Titanium Noir is an excellent near-future alternate-history murder mystery that follows the murder of a Titan, a medically-enhanced person who became physically massive and borderline immortal. Titans are elites, the case is sensitive, and nothing is quite what it seems.

Many authors try to write noir stories with hard-boiled detectives shuffling down rainy streets, occasionally getting beat up while trying to get justice for a murdered little nobody, and many authors fail. It’s harder than it looks. Fortunately, author Nick Hardaway pulls it off. The book is fun, funny, clever, and paced whiplash-fast.

Recommendation: If murder’s your thing, absolutely read this.

One thought on “Review: Titanium Noir by Nick Harkaway

  1. I just finished reading Titanium Noir and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was well structured and paced. More to the point, it was crisp and well-written. Too many books have an interesting plot or gimmick, but don’t carry it off because the writing is either sloppy or juvenile. Hardaway has good control of his material, and is able to keep the tone and characters on point.

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