Review: Semiosis by Sue Burke

Given a billion more years of evolution, what would plants evolve into? Given that life on Earth went from single-celled organisms to us in a billion years, an intelligent plant evolving in the same period of time seems not only plausible, but likely.

Semiosis is a well-written book that follows several generations of humans that land on a planet a billion years older than Earth and have to deal with intelligent plant life that’s friendly and not-so-friendly.

It’s a fun, interesting take on alien plant intelligence, but since the story keeps jumping generations, I never got to settle down on a single character’s story. I found myself being less engaged than I wanted.

Recommendation: Get it at the library. Definitely worth a read, but the lack of a single character to follow made the story more emotionally distant than I wanted. However, there is a sequel coming out that I’ll read.

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