Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter coverDark Matter is one of those books that I stayed up way too late reading. The science is perhaps a little iffy, and dark matter itself plays very little part in the book, but the book grabs you by the eyeballs early on and doesn’t let go.

A man with a decent life is knocked unconscious by a masked abductor and wakes up to find his life is entirely different. Instead of a family, he has the career of his dreams: instead of a college professor, he’s a famous, rich creator of something incredible. But he’s unmarried and his son was never born.

How can he make it back to the family he loves when he’s not sure what’s real and what isn’t?

Recommendation: Read it! This book moves a like bat out of hell and is one of the few science fiction books that both my wife and I like.

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