Review: All Systems Red: Murderbot Diaries #1 by Martha Wells

The least human character in All Systems Red is also the most human. A half-robotic creature (or maybe more than half) privately calls itself Murderbot, and it’s got a good reason to. All the humans around it consider it just another security android, which is fine by Murderbot; it’d rather watch bad TV than have to interact with humans.

But when things start to go seriously wrong with the planetary exploration team that Murderbot is supposed to protect, more truths are revealed than it would prefer.

Recommendation: Read it. This novella is an excellent new take on cybernetics and being human. It also won the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, and Alex awards.

3 thoughts on “Review: All Systems Red: Murderbot Diaries #1 by Martha Wells

  1. The book is all right but I was somehow disappointed, for something that won so many awards I was expecting a LOT MORE! Seems another case of a overhyped book. I wasn’t interested in reading the following books.

  2. I really like this series. The first ones are short but I think they get longer as the series goes on. One of my favourite sci fi.
    Great main character(s) including the AIs that get involved and great life or death punch-ups!

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